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I stared at the image in the upper left corner for 30 seconds thinking that it was the end view of an uncooked turkey with neckhole and gizzard showing. Then my eye traveled up the leg to realize there was a paw attached to it. Then it all clicked, a dog with rigor mortis… peace-of-mind, it all made sense.


Is it really necessary to apply the Aggressive Male® filter to an apple tree? Do we want to drink an apple drink with the name angry?  Makes me worry that that I might have angry bowels after consuming it.

Contributed by Jessica Vredenburg

My local mega supermarket (140,000 sq ft) has designed some aisles to have poles obstructing access to merchandise and blocking the way for shoppers.

What a pain it is to access the incredible greeting card selection…

…or open doors in the refrigerated section without creating a shopping cart traffic jam.

I realize this is a minor inconvenience for most planet dwellers but the amount of unused space under this airplane hangar-scaled ceiling really rubs it in deep.

From up there you get a lovely view of the splendor of goods, necessary and unnecessary. I realize that I shop in an Edward Burtynsky photo.

The book section recommendations say a lot about living in the land of plenty. At this store it’s painful to shop.


Why would Cadillac produce a pick-up truck? and why would that truck bed just be jammed onto the back of an existing Cadillac? and why would the Cadillac demographic even want a car that’s half truck? My Uncle Joe is rolling over in his grave.

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