Whoever designed these political bumper stickers is an asshole.

Let’s revisit Bumper Sticker Design 101, shall we?
– The sticker should be legible from a distance.
– The sticker should be legible while in motion.
– The message should be succinct.
– The message should be easy to grasp in a split-second.

I was trying to change lanes on I-5 the other day and the pickup truck next to me wouldn’t let me in. When I finally got behind him, I realized why:

Deep thoughts.

(Yes, I have an Obama 2008 sticker on my – wait for it – Subaru.)

My first thought: is it a reference to the popular resort town of Bend, Oregon? Is the message a response to Obama’s 2008 election, or a preview of the upcoming election? Is the bearer claiming that Obama is going to ream you? Or is it simply asking for help picking up some loose change off the floor?

The pickup truck sticker is a crowdsourced deal from Cafe Press. Here’s the latest “official” Republican version:

Oh hahaha! I get it! “Hope & Change” / “Hype & Blame”! CLEVER.

And this, apparently, is the Romney campaign’s latest:

Hon, get me my reading glasses, wouldja?

Guys. Do we need to review Bumper Sticker Design 101 again?


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