Whoever “designed” Potted Meat is an asshole.

I say “designed,” because this is one of those “food” “products” which is surely the result of committees of corporate flavor profile engineers. It’s not a food which is “prepared” from a “recipe.” I’m not even sure it’s food, quotation marks or not.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

My first encounter with Potted Meat came this past weekend when we were out longer than expected with the dog and needed to find him some food. The only shop in the vicinity was a sad, dusty little bodega. The shelves were nearly empty, widely spaced with the occasional home pregnancy test or bottle of Prell. Dog food was nowhere to be found, but I stumbled across a small stack of Potted Meat – quite possibly the most plentiful item in the shop.

I expected raised eyebrows from the proprietor, but not over the fact that I presented a $5 bill for my $1.49 purchase. “You don’t have smaller money?” he asked, peering over the counter into my wallet. After struggling to compute the correct change, he grudgingly added, “You take all my money!” And yet nothing about the disgusting product before us…

The dog, of course, LOVED it. He’s been very finicky ever since, no doubt longing for his pink, creamy, canned treat.

  1. mecozza said:

    Don’t forget the main ingredients: mechanically separated chicken and beef tripe.

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