Whoever designed the Spirit Mountain Casino ad campaign is an asshole.

Northwestern friends of this blog are surely familiar with the billboards and TV ads for Spirit Mountain Casino, which seem to suggest that the Grand Ronde tribe is engaged in a prostitution ring.

Their tagline Make a night of it. is bad enough – The typography is bland, the punctuation is flat. I’m no fan of egregious exclamation points! But the whole presentation is depressingly lackluster!! Much like the actual casino experience, come to think of it!!!

Taken together with the advertising concept (?), the tagline might as well be Make a night of it. Prostitutes are standing by.

Judge for yourself (things really heat up at about 1:45):

Make a night of it.

Are we to assume this creepy guy is the pimp?

Lottery games are for amusement only and should not be used for reproductive purposes.

Grandma's crapped herself again.

1 comment
  1. mecozza said:

    I hear Don Rickles is coming to Spirit Mountain. Grandma’s gonna crap herself again! (and I’ll be there).

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