Whoever designed these, uh, pants is an asshole.

Whoever designed these “Winkers” is almost literally an asshole. Mere centimeters from being an actual asshole.

Where is the emergency eyewash station?! My eyes! My sensitive eyes!

Really, America? You really want to draw attention to your fat asses with poorly executed, childish {and here, I struggle with what to call it} imagery? It defies all logic, reason, and above all, taste. It’s an assault on all that is beautiful and poetic in our world – what little beauty and poetry is left.

Submitted by Jim Christensen, who writes: “…all i know is that it proves two things succinctly: there is no god and “intelligent design” is total bullshit.”

"Patent Pending." Thank goodness, because god knows this is a goldmine of an idea.

Has anyone ever told you that you should be an ass model? No, I didn't think so.

Um, I think you sat in something.

Peking Duck.


1 comment
  1. phaux said:

    i have always said Olestra is bad for clothes!

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