Whoever designed this Thor action figure is an asshole.

There should be a special circle in hell dedicated to people who make crappy, frustrating toys which clearly have not been designed with any awareness of the small, chubby hands and manual dexterity of children. Susanne Lenihan Ritchie submits the following:

“Whoever designed this Thor doll’s cape is an asshole. It attaches with two tiny pegs that plug into two tiny holes on Thor’s back. My 4-year-old launches into a screaming tantrum every time gravity triumphs over the stupid tiny peg design and then he begs for help reattaching it. Repeat process 6 times per day.” Susanne goes on to add, “It also screams phrases like “Feel the might of my hammer!” at the slightest touch.”

Thor, front view. Feeling the might of his hammer.

Thor from behind, with offending peg & hole "design."

  1. Lori Lafferty said:

    It is reading posts like this that stopped me from buying the very expensive Enchanted Forest Dora….

  2. Susanne said:

    Feel the might of my corny puns!

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