Whoever designed Mitt Romney’s “ski cabin” in Utah is an asshole.

Let’s put aside how obscenely grandiose and out of touch this little mountain chalet is. Let’s ignore the elephant in the room that is Mitt Romney’s utter alienation from the reg’lar folks he’s courting in Iowa today. Let’s focus instead on the unimaginative butt-ugliness of this seven-bedroom, 9,500-square-foot “log cabin” tucked into the side of a mountain on 11 acres. That alone, should disqualify Mitt Romney from the nomination. And his architect should have his/her license revoked.



I know! Let's make a coffee table that looks like a big native drum!

All guests are provided with climbing gear in order to summit the whirlpool.

  1. tracifoust said:

    It takes a village idiot to make an ugly faux village

  2. mecozza said:

    Looks like it was influenced by a Thomas Kincade “Painter of Light” painting.

  3. Mr. Slate said:

    Straight outta Bedrock

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