Whoever designed the metered on-ramp is an asshole.

Curse you, metered on-ramps! At peak travel times, you can add 5, 10, 15 minutes to a commute. To say nothing of the gas consumption and pollution caused by all those idling cars. I’m sure “experts” would claim that metered on-ramps prevent accidents. Feh. They’re the equivalent of an adult helping a toddler onto an escalator. We don’t need your help, big brother nanny state! Where is the Tea Party on this issue? Drivers in the northeast seem perfectly capable of merging onto a highway without them. The rest of us are, too.

Wait here like a good little doggie.

  1. mecozza said:

    Not to mention wearing out your brakes to stop and restart again! Curse you ODOT!

  2. Helena said:

    Just like the East coast(and the rest of the world?) seem to be able to enter a round about with a yield sign rather than a STOP sign which we have here on the West coast…..flow people flow.

  3. Dave Laubenthal said:

    Happy New Year Marc an Rebecca,
    Not sure if you take suggestions but I saw these on the car in front of me last week and immediately thought of your (this) blog. Love the blog entries I catch on FB.


    Designer=asshole… as is the consumer

    Dave L
    (Brooks Pure project collab)

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