Whoever designed this is an asshole (or they work for the plastics lobby)


Why?  The ubiquitous and beautiful milk carton is a masterpiece of simplicity and function. The added plastic lid and cap is unnecessary and comic, like adding a few more wheels to your bike.

  1. seth little said:

    I’ve always hated this. Milk should be consumed warm and straight from the udder. Man up!

    • mecozza said:

      fuckin A

  2. michelle said:

    remember when milk cartons had the lids you had to tear open and squeeze “just so” to pour it out, or it might ruin the whole carton? and by the end of the carton it was kinda gross with milk juice? but it was the end so it didn’t matter. that was better than the bullshit cartons of today.

  3. maffei said:

    Back in my day, we got our milk delivered to our porch in glass bottles by the Alpenrose man. I’m sure he loved the fact that I used the milkbox to collect various frogs, grasshoppers, moths, centipedes, and whatever other creepy-crawly I found.

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