Whoever Designed This is an Asshole

your basic clamp-on desk lamp

rage-inducing, apparently

This blog was inspired by Marc’s outburst this morning, “Whoever designed this is an asshole!” referring to his malfunctioning desk lamp. May it be a compendium for all of our design-related musings, critical or laudatory.

  1. Something else we know about him or her: he or she never actually used a desklamp prior to designing this desklamp.

  2. mecozza said:

    To be specific, the design of the mounting hardware on my halogen desklamp doesn’t seem to take into consideration the concept of gravity so it slips off the lip of the desk every time the user turns on the lamp…

  3. maffei said:

    This is what happens when product designers have no interest in engineering. Just about any desk lamp that uses a small clamp made from cheap plastic parts is made by someone who apparently has no understanding of the concept of leverage, and how a 2lb articulated metal lamp actually exerts over 3 tons of force at the base.

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